The Pleasures of Reading


Reading is one of the most underrated yet enlightening among the hobbies. They are the fundamental tools of study in schools through which we improve understanding about a particular topic.  It increases our imagination and knowledge. This often comes handy for competitive exams and group discussion. We get to learn new words and their usage. Often children are encouraged to develop this habit from very beginning. But many find it excessively boring. In the long run, the knowledge you gain from reading comes to your rescue in every sphere of life. Reading is a wide field encompassing  novels, magazines, journals, newspapers etc. In order to develop this habit, you can start by reading newspapers daily. Initially information may go over your head(It’s perfectly fine). But gradually you will begin to understand everything. You can also begin reading it with your favourite section. For novels, you can begin with short ones that pique your interest (around 300 pages). Gradually move over larger novels. You can refer to the Time’s Best Books of All Time list to make your selection. These days ebooks are increasingly becoming popular. They provide the comfort of reading on your mobile phone and tablets anywhere and at anytime. Yet the smell of a new book has a charm of its own.

Reading often helps people to combat depression and loneliness. Inspirational books often form a lifelong source of motivation and keeps us working towards our goals. By reading other  people’s stories,we gain valuable experience which helps us in long run. Often we will find ourselves drawing inspiration from the same in our day-to-day life. It is our link with the whole world.

No matter how much we dispute among themselves that the era of  reading is bygone,the long queues outside bookstores and the wide circulation of newspapers is a testament to the fact that it is very much prevalent these days. The importance of reading can be summed up in this quote by George R.R.Martin :

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, said Jojen. The man who never reads lives only one.”


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