The man who knew infinity


I am not talking about “Albert Einstein” or “Stephen William Hawking” or any other foreign famous personality. I am talking about an Indian personality who literally knew, and I literally mean, HE KNEW INFINITY. I am talking about “Mr. Srinivasa Ramanujan”.


Let’s talk about the “Ramanujan-Hardy Number-1729”.


During a conversation between Mr. G.H. Hardy and Mr. Ramanujan, Ramanujan said that 1729 is a very interesting number. It is the smallest number expressible in the form of sum of two cubes in two different ways.


Just think, they were in a cab while talking on this topic, and Ramanujan instantly calculated the cubes. How in the world can someone do that, until or unless he has a gifted mind!


His notebook consists of many extra-ordinary mathematical results, but unfortunately they are just results. The notebooks does not contain any proof. From the time the notebooks came into scientists’ eyes, they haven’t been able to get off with it. Till date, many of its results are not proved.


This is the power of his mind. He had found out methods to calculate series till infinity. I wonder if he hadn’t died so early, then he would have definitely given some more wonders to this world. It was because of his marvellous contribution to the field of mathematics, individuals started taking interest in this field and lots of research was done after it.


He is, without any argument, the greatest mathematician India has ever produced.

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