Self Motivation- A key to succes


Bill Gates and Donald Trumps are not born driven,they have faced many challenges and they have overcome them by keeping them self motivated.All the  successful people share a common attribute that is their ability to motivate themselves.Level of achieving motivation may vary from one person to another i.e., it may come easier for some than others.It need some practice to be self motivated.Here are some ways to become self motivated:

1.Define Your Goal:To start self motivation process you need to define you goal.Set small goals achieve them by crossing obstacles.

2.Remain Eager-Embrace your Struggles:Struggles and obstacles in your path should be used as motivation.Never try to search alternatives whenever you face obstacles always resolve them.It will let you know your ability to conquer and will give you the confidence to be a self motivated person.

3.Have a Plan:Planning plays an important role in achieving goals.Planning also helps you to be self motivated and track your success.

4.Set priorities:Keep yourself away from distractions always set priorities to avoid being pulled in different directions.

5.Success Visualization: The best method to self motivation is to see yourself succeeding.

6.Believe in yourself:You need to be confident about yourself.All the doors to doubts which kills the motivation are closed by the belief and the knowledge you have succeeded.

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