The art of learning : Studying after job

The art of learning Studying after job

Learning is said to be a lifelong process. You never stop learning but is it the same with studying? You have to study something to learn anything about it, right? Then why isnโ€™t studying a lasting process!

The root of this lies in the fact that most people, after attaining a certain age donโ€™t feel the need to expand their horizons. A major cause of this perception is the availability of suitable jobs to these people with limited but borderline adequate academic backdrop. This creates a mole of a thought in peopleโ€™s minds that you only need to study till you get a decent job out of it. And thus the world of UG and PG exist.

While most let the dust settle on their books when they themselves settle down, there are a courageous few who know that learning is the outcome and studying is the process. They frequently revisit their old books with nostalgia and run after new ones with outrageous zeal, even after they get a job.

The reason behind this little but considerable number of people still pursuing some degree even after settling down is either an undying love for knowledge or the need to change streams or majors.

Whatever might be the reason, the truth is- To learn, you need to study. And to study is to open the gates of knowledge that has eluded your life till the point.

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