Team Work – How teams can maximize resources.

Team Work – How teams can maximize resources and achieve success together

Team Building;Maximizing Efficiency....But How

Almost everyone of us ,at some juncture of our life, have worked as a team .If not,I assure you that you will, in the future! That’s because teamwork has exceptional benefits.Some of them I have hereby illustrated:
1. It helps in sharing opinions amongst the group members ,thus the group as a whole gets a better pool of ideas to chose from and work on .

2.Team work enhances the abilities of an individual such as organising ,leadership,decision making,interpersonal skills,handling opposite opinions,establishing unanimous consent etc.All these qualities and abilities would not get pruned working as an individual.

3.Another fruitful benefit of team work is that it helps in division of work and the underlying benefit of specialisation can be harnessed.Thus,work can be assigned according to the existing skills of individual members. The task so fulfilled is THE most effective.

4.In a team ,when a member encounters any difficulty he knows that there are other members at his disposal to help him whenever the need arises.Thus it becomes very easy to solve any issue as far as the team goal is concerned .

5.A bond gets established between the team members and an informal relationship gets formed.This helps everyone know each others’ way of working and improves co-ordination in normal office work.Moreover,the relationships so formed are a great help for an individual in future ,For instance he opens up a company and needs advice,or any other personal help etc.
All these above points substantiate the importance and worth of team work.No wonder , all companies assign projects to teams and not to individuals.

BUT as every coin has two sides , so does working as a team.There are a numerous things that can hamper the results of team work.One must keep in mind these and bring out innovative solutions so that it doesn’t affect in achieving the ultimate goal ;

1.Decision Without Consensus: It is very often observed that some team members might have reservations with the idea or strategy proposed by other members .In Such a case, the team leader should not accept it straight away or by vote of majority.
This would make other members feel neglected and they would not show keen interest in fulfilling the goal .
The solution here is that the team leader should ask the reason of other members to not to be in line with others and there should be a constructive and conclusive debate which should end with a consensus.
Thus every member would be satisfied.

2.Punctuality; The team leader should come out as a role model to the other members and should always adhere to the exact time the meeting is scheduled.As, How can you expect other members to be punctual if the team leader himself comes late?
In such a scenario the team members would not be serious to the goal of the team.

3.Passing The Blame: In a team it is very often observed that the members resort to passing on the blame on others if they are not able to fulfil the task.This can be very detrimental to the spirit of a team.
Thus the solution lies in defining both responsibility and accountability at the time of assigning the task.

4.Responsibility Given > Capability of Person
This is the most common problem that arises when the team leader is not acquainted with the capability or experience of the team members.
The solution to this lies in that the team leader should assign duties only after consulting the concerned team member if he has the required skills to perform the task.
Moreover,the team members should themselves point out the outstanding and differentiable skills they possess, so that the task can be assigned according to that.
5.All Members Not Contributing:
It is very often observed that some members do not actively take part in the team discussion.But to ensure that the team goal is achieved effectively and with the contribution of the intellect of every member,the team leader should:
i)Ask the members why they are not contributing to the group and resolve their issues
ii)He should assure everyone that the opinion of every member will be respected and valued.
iii)He should ask the opinion of every member individually one by one if there is no voluntary contribution,this would instil confidence in every member.

Thus,Lets enjoy the scrumptious fruit of Teamwork and march ahead.


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