Supply Chain and Logistics For The Present Day Business

Supply Chain and Logistics For The Present Day Business

We are living in an era of competition which is increasing day by day. Thus, transportation of goods comprises of key areas. Therefore, where logistics companies can truly differentiate themselves and prove with, increase efficiency, reduce costs, and build real competitive advantage. However, logistics outsourcing can offer business men with measurable cost and the efficiency advantages, more often overlooked as a viable option due to the inherent difficulties in implementing the practice into a manageable, consistent manner and continuously increasing demand. Third-party logistics (3PL) providers tend to apply the same approach to businesses of each type, oblivious the unique needs – and opportunities – present in specific customer scenarios.

Logistics have existed since ancient time but not be called so where invention of wheel was a starting point of logistics which allowed people to move raw material as well as finished goods. Population started moving from rural to urban areas and to business centres. Thus, no longer did people live near production centers, i.e. the concept of starting business near to the raw material availability location was replaced due to the comfort of shifting the required material from one place to another with the help of research done on the logistics related problems, or  production could have taken place near residence centers. Therefore, the geographical distance between the point of manufacturing and point of consumption increased, this is how logistics gained importance.


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