Success In Competition


Competition have invaded all the walks of our lives. The child is born, he faces competition in terms of beds, medicine, and medical facilities in the hospital.

The young child competes with his friends in minor games. As a school boy, he competes in studies, sports and debates. As a growing lad of twenty one or four year, he prepares for his college or university examinations. Further, he has to be career conscious and he must opt for a professional course otherwise his chances of survival are limited. So, he prepares for competition exams. There is also competition in a professional life , he has to earn his livelihood by special set of skills he has acquired.Then, he becomes a father and he has to struggle for children and the life continues.

Competition examination are common in almost all the fields. Management, architecture, navy , army, air force, fashion design, are some popular examples in this context. The aptitude of the candidate is judged through a written test, a formal group discussion, and an informal interview. Hence, success in competition is not at all an easy task.

Success in any competitive examination depends on various factors . One should have in depth knowledge of the subject or syllabus, consistent preparation, close interaction with other aspirants, knowledge of current affairs, reasoning and enhancement of intellectual capability, reading , speaking and problem solving skills to touch the sky.

Also,concentration, identification  and working on weak areas,and commitment to the goal are necessary for succeeding  in any competition . Success does not come from dreaming and shallow approach but with complete dedication and whole hearted preparation. Success in competition is the key to achieve success in life. The young lads have to work really hard  to crack any competition.

So, all the best for your competition!


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