Sorry Mother but I am not literate
Author: Vineet Agarwal, July 28, 2015 – Posted in: Arbit – Tags: , ,

Sorry Mother but I am not literate

Illiteracy happens to be the worst social curse of the 21st century that retards nation and society alike, but sometimes it is also capable of creating hilarious situation, to throw light to this fact let me narrate you an instance- a moisturising company in south Africa was shocked to discover that the demand for one of their moisturising products was unbelievingly high in one of the remote villages of     Africa , to show their gratitude they decided to send teachers to the village for the upliftment of the society, the company believed that the next year the sales will sky rocket , but much to their horror it drop down to zero, when a further study was initiated, they were astounded to hear that when the people were illiterate, they would consume the moisturising cream with bread , on being literate they understood it’s purpose, the bottom line of the story is that literacy helps you differentiate between your priority and wants, they understood the utility of product, saving themselves from the perilous ramifications of ignorance that they were living in

People in rural areas are still very reluctant to break the stereotypes, do away with the traditional norms thus leaving very little headroom for any change.

The government is coming up with various initiatives to rein in the escalating illiteracy, but somehow the offerings are not reaching the people at the grass rotes level

Census states that Kerala is the only educated state with very minute traces of illiteracy, apart from it all other states have been a laggard in the field of literacy,

organisations like ONUS teach for India have made successful attempts in bringing about the change to the society by encouraging parents in the rural areas to send their children to school

Each and every one of us have a hunger for education and values, but only few are really able to quench that thirst, the  proverbial fits very well into this description that everything comes for a price

This is something which is not just the duty of these organisation, it is incumbent on everyone to make little efforts to make their society a better place to live in, teaching night school students, a weekly pilgrimage to a nearby orphanage apprising them of the tenets of education will accentuate the future of not just those little kids but also infuse you with the feeling of pride and contentment

Education is just like those bright shiny colours and those underprivileged disheartened gloomy illiterates are just like the canvas, and we all are the artist

Now it all depends on us to hold the brush and be a part of the change or just sit and wait for someone else to do it, but the wait is never going to end and the change is never going to come


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