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The “social” in “Social media” implies augmented technology, besides the networks where people post photos and review books. The term “social” refers to the manner in which people get connected to their friends thereby associating with their followers and also provides insight into why they are connecting in order to attain knowledge, to share their respective experiences and to work together on a common goal.

As such, a great place to start learning about the Social Web and its connection to business is with the basic relationships that are created between participants in social networks and proceeding further to social applications and to then look at the types of interactions between them that follow.

The social graph is to strengthening relationships that links between websites are to enhance the information network and provide a way to define the social connections. Out with the social graph with lack of the profiles and friends, followers, and similar relations that form between them online social communities are reduced to task-oriented, self-serve utilities much as a basic website or shopping catalog might present itself. This sort of exertion that an individual might do or concerning of a small, known group of friends with a particular personal goal in mind.

By encouraging the development of relationships within a collaborative community or across functional lines within an organization or between customers and employees of a business then likelihood of purposeful interaction, to collude, is Significantly increased. This amiable cooperation, communal experience initiates the production and exchange of information within a customer community and just as well within an organization.

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