Should they be left alone?

Should they be left alone

We, the people of India are born in a Democratic country where every person has equal rights. Here, every person has the right to be heard. However, there are people whose existence still remain unnoticed and their voice, unheard.

Adivasis make up 8.6% of India’s population according to 2011 census. They comprise a substantial minority of the population of India. They have been facing various problems of land, health, sanitation, education, human rights, unemployment, separatism and so on.

Be it Attapady tribe of Kerala, Muthuvans of Southern India, the Bhils of Central India, the Garo of Northeastern India or the Dhodias of Western India, their condition is more or less the same.

Their land which is the only means of livelihood for them is being taken away and is being allotted to corporates or Multi National Companies to exploit minerals and other resources, everything in the name of development.
I want to ask people that whose development is it anyway? Development of people who are left to struggle for survival or of the rich and powerful!

Oil workers and illegal miners are invading their land and bringing diseases. The post independence period has seen a large amount of reforms and developmental policies that have damaged their lands, rights and life. Their freedom to live in their own traditional ways has been taken from them.

Liberalization, privatisation and globalization which is considered a boon for our country has proved to be the biggest threat to tribal communities. Unfortunately, Bureaucrats always end up serving the cause of the rich at the cost of the poor.

Inspire of everything, tribals have never stopped protesting for their rights. Sadly, their problems and issues have rarely been addressed by the media.

Therefore we have to make government and media hear the voice of the unheard. How can we let government run from it’s responsibilities towards the minorities of our country? They can’t be left alone on their own. It is everyone’s responsibility to make them more advance with changing times. It’s government’s responsibility to provide them with proper health conditions, to educate them for their growth and most importantly to prevent the exploitation of their livelihood, their land.

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