7 steps of goal setting..

Setting Goals – 7 steps of goal setting that will help you to succeed in life

setting Goals THE POWER OF WORDS

We all have personal and professional ambitions whether these include wanting to run a marathon enter a poetry contest learn to cook or make a  career move . according to Forbes a magazine only 8 per cent of people actually achieve their  new year resolution,why are so few of us successful in completing the steps between wanting and doing?your success may depend on the  very first stage ;setting your goal,unless you know where you are heading its hard to know if you are on the right track . Effectively setting goals can be very motivating and can make the difference when it comes to achieving your objectives.

1. First of all you should question your motivation and incentives .Is it really something you would like to do?you need to do so me soul searching and ask yourself why you really want to climb that mountain or paint it or move it for that matter,do you want that challenging position because of the external rewards like money or status or because you will find it interesting and exciting?if the answer to this question is simply because you  want to ,you need to dig a little deeper -as not having a clear motive will just end in frustration.

2. Whatever your motivation in business, it often helps to be smart .this is an acronym that can be used to guide you when establishing your goals.Be

  • specific ,not general .
  • measurable ,decide at the start how you will measure your success..
  • attainable,it is not an impossible task for you.
  • relevant ,ask yourself how it fits into your future plans..
  • time bound ,having a clear time frame will help you plan and execute it.

3. Once you have written down your plan its time to zoom in a bit closer, think of all the different steps..involved and try  try to break the whole task down into a manageable chunks .this could be the time to get out that notebook and start making some spider diagrams or listing bullet points,this planning stage also requires you to take into account all the resources involved time money people equipment etc.. start with where you want to be and plan backwards to where you are now . this will help you to stop obstacles before you run into them going forwards.

4.  Next there is one important thing left to do, follow your plan this is not always an easy thing to do ,,but here are some strategies that can help .  Rudyard Kipling said that words are the most powerful drug in the world .modern science has proven that words affect our brains, when you see negative words you brain release stress  producing hormones and neurotransmitter . positive words on the other hand lower physical and emotional stress which means that we feel better and are more likely to be motivated and active ,so give yourself of all the positive things to come from achieving your goal.

5. Visualisation is yet another powerful; tool used  my many famous sportsman and performers.  according to experiments the brain does not distinguish mush between victualling and actually  practising or rehearsing something.which is good news for us , this means that it is a proven technique that can help set you up for success, by imaging yourself doing something perfectly  ,you are actually increasing  you chance of exciting it flawlessly in  real life .

6.Another started recommend by experts is keeping track of your progress in a diary ,log chart  ,sharing this with your partner ,friends  or on a social networks can also be a great motivator when it comes to a personal fitness many apps are available that allow you to do just that and increase your chance of making it happen .

7. While  last trends .there might be a more effective way for you to get to the finish line .so think smart plan formula  visualize track and adapt and you will be well on your way to success.p with try to think outside the box and keep while it is important to give it your best and make thing happen sometime else we need to deal with unexpected situations and our plans need to change accordingly ,if for any reason you decide to give up on your goal try  to replace it with something else ,also try to think out of box and keep up with the latest trends. their might be a more effective way for you to get to the finish line, so think smart plan formulate and visualise track and adapt and you will be on your way to success.

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