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A majority of us fret over upcoming exams. This can be for several reasons such as not studying enough, forcefully taking exams or simply because we detest the education system and its concept of testing our intelligence on the basis of exams. While it’s true that marks don’t mean everything but one can not deny the fact that they play a major role in our lives, whether we like it or not.

So instead of cribbing, how about we try methods that make us want to atleast attempt studying? hopefully these few tips are of some help-

1. Start afresh

We often try avoiding a subject that we don’t like. For example maths, in the name of studying we end up revising all subjects except the one we like the least. So how about we start studying with our least liked subject? We all have that one time in the day where our minds are at its epitome of concentration. Whether it’s early in the morning, late into the night or even after a good workout session! So lets use it to our advantage by revising the subject we hate/ find the most difficult.

2. Organized work place

A clean desk with all our study material organized induces the feeling of control. It make us believe that somethings are in our control and thus makes the subject at hand easier to attempt. Sometimes good stationary also helps. YES GIRLS! Good pens, or fancy post its make us want to use them all over our books. And we only get to do that once we read our books!

3. Make flow charts

try making concise points in an orderly manner which help facilitate understanding and better learning. Just stick it on your pin board and give it a glance every now and then. This is considered a fast form of revision!

4. Β Finish on time

Finishing your syllabus on time gives ample time for revisions. The more you revise the clearer you will be on where you stand with your learning. This will also make you aware of your doubts well in time so that you can get them cleared.


Always keep a bottle of water next to you. This keeps your system fresh. Follow a healthy diet. Eating fatty-oily foods makes one sleepy and hence eats up on a lot of your study time. Lastly, don’t forget to breathe. Everything will work out in your favour in the end πŸ™‚

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