Salesman and the human resource department

Salesman and the human resource department

Just exactly how do people go from being door-to-door salesman to becoming the key persons of their enterprise or starting their own businesses? The key of this success lies in the fact that salesmanship actually gives you an edge in the field of Human Resource development. Before your brain wreck yourself wondering how the two are even remotely relatable and question my sense of argument, here are a few points to explain my stance:

Dealing with various kinds-

Meeting with a variety of people teaches you that each individual has different characteristics and needs- some generic, some specific. To positively influence a number of people, your body automatically generates a series of people-pleasing habits. Such conduct benefits the salesman later when he has to implement team work and build a harmonious environment amongst diversity.

Hard work and understanding-

To know how a person feels and thinks and to apply it in your existing training to procure constructive results requires unimaginable amount of hard work, perseverance and presence of mind. All the attributes required to bring a variety of people under one roof and make them work hard towards achieving a single goal are acquired by this understanding of people’s minds.


To realise a point that is profitable and approving to both the salesman and the customer is a rare achievement, but any salesman able to conquer that fort is a born manager. As in human resouce department, your focus is on employees’ satisfaction.

Facing objections-

A salesman faces more failure than success, but with time and experience, the success ratio evens out. This happens because he develops a way of tackling people’s objections, emotionally and rationally and finding solutions to their problems. In doing this, he also develops a focused problem-solving strategy, a trait much needed in the human resource department.

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