Role of media – black day (16 december)


Around two years ago on 16 December our country government faced the anger of the youth because of the incident of gangrape. A girl, NIRBHIYA ,victim of a gang rape is still alive in our memories and people are still fighting for justice for her.Thus with the help of social networking sites and mass media, people came to know about that incident and show their anger by writing blogs and asking for support and protesting against it.People are still connecting with each other and joining the campaign for her justice and the mass media is providing information about all these protests held by the activitist.
Through this mass media,we came to know about the another black day for India (16 December 2014), where the Pakistani Taliban on Tuesday launched a savage and cowardly attack on a school,essentially for children of military families ,spraying machine gun fire on kids leaving 132 of them dead . It was the worst attack on children anywhere in the world.
This all information we came to know because of mass media .Media played its role by creating awareness and by providing the updates.
Now,its our duty to take such a step to stop this kind of mind boggling incidents.


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