It starts out with Searching out the sources from where required persons will be available for recruitment. First a job analysis should be done where the new recruitment are to be carried out and gathering , assessing and recording the information and hence identifying the vacancy accordingly if there are new jobs created or if there is a substantial change in the nature of the existing jobs, after identifying the vacancy the next step is preparation of job description and the person specificationaccording to the job for which he/she is to be recruited or we can say the minimum qualifications expected out of them or what the job demands from a person to be recruited , etc. The next step isadvertising the vacancy which involves preparing the advertisement and then accordingly choosing the media to advertise such post like advertising in the newspapers or through social media , TV or putting up hoardings etc. and It is generally considered a good practice to give closing date of a minimum of two weeks after the advertisement appears.After the vacancy has been advertised and the organization get various response through calls or emails the next to be done is managing the response as to segment them and segregate them and selecting the best suitable candidate according to the job description and the required qualities in a person which match the job description which is done under short listing , i.e only the best candidate according to the written required condition under the advertised post are selected. And the last one is arranging the interviews and accordingly making the decision from the shortlisted candidates. This can be done in a two way process also like first holding a group discussion among the shortlisted candidates and accordingly the interview so as to get the idea how well they can contribute to the organization and to get a view whether they are upto companies standards or not. Once selected they are offered the job letter.

Hence, Recruitment is a positive process of searching for prospective employees and stimulating them to apply for the jobs in the organisation.

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