Paradigm, originally a scientific term, but in the context we use it in today’s world, is means a model, a theory, a frame of reference, a perception or an assumption. To put it in Layman’s language, it is the way we “see” the world, not by the visual capacity, but the way we perceive, understand and interpret our surroundings.

We all must be pretty aware of the “glass of water- half full and half empty” theorem. What is it actually about?  Well the answer to it, as we all know is – In order to see if we are an optimist or a pessimist. But is that all? NO! The story doesn’t end here. It is not only of our nature of being a positive attitude person or a negative attitude person, instead it is all about our perception, our understanding and the way we interpret- Our perception of the situation, our understanding of the circumstances and our interpretation of the scenario. It is these factors behind which makes us think to the concept of an optimist or a pessimist.

Perception- the way we see the world- why does this characteristic differ from person to person? Why is one able to see a half glass full of water and the other sees the same as a half-empty glass of water? Is it only dependent on our surroundings, our upbringing? NO. We perceive things in a particular manner because of one important reason. The reason is WHO WE ARE and not how we are. What we become as a person is determined by the influences in our lives- the social paradigms (family, friends, colleagues, associates, etc.) these influences in our lives have all made their silent impact on us and helped us in shaping our frame of reference, our paradigms.

It also shows that these paradigms are the source of our attitudes and behaviours. We cannot act with integrity outside of them. We simply cannot maintain wholeness if we talk and walk differently than we see. To try to change outward attitudes and behaviours does very little good in the long run if we fail to examine the basic paradigms from which those attitudes and behaviours flow.

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