Pain of Depression

Pain of Depression

You must have heard or seen the advertisement campaign launched by the government of India to create awareness about mental illness and depression. After an era of considering it a taboo and looking down upon it, the people of the country, the generation X was finally able to rise above the myth that depressed or mentally unstable people were a bane to the world. The recent confession by everyone’s favourite Deepika Padukone added flame to the fire and caused mass level empathy for people suffering from this disease.

What we realised from this nationwide crusade is that people with mental sickness are in between us, they may be your colleagues or your employees or probably your employers! Is our HR department equipped to deal with this sensitive issue?

Depression can be caused by personal or work related problems. If it’s a family matter, the HR must arrange for counselling and therapy to help the affected. They should be given time and as little a work load as possible. Taking them off time consuming projects might help. Though, if it’s due to stress at workplace, a different approach is required. The patient should be given therapy sessions as per the guidelines of a psychoanalyst. Also, if it’s caused by too much workload, paid vacations might help a great deal. Sometimes, lack of motivation or appreciation causes a person to sink. During this, handing over projects with little risk of failure creates a driving force and assured success fulfils the deprivation of appreciation.

Such people do not need your sympathy but empathy. They need to be understood and given time to deal with their problems. They demand patience and precious time of the organization but once they recover, they can be the most loyal and hardworking business people in their community. Believe me, people are worth every second and penny you spend on them.

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