Never Give Up

Never Give Up

There will be times when no one will be there for you

all hopes will be let down by the crew

you will bumps in the road

on your shoulders, there will be too much load

All decisions that you make in life

for them you will have to strive

Never let go

you have to look for that ray of hope

that will help you cope.

Someday in a place you’ll land

where your instincts will lend you a hand

Just look up and smile

It will help you go another mile

So don’t give up!

the answers, in your path will lay

remember, there will always be a way.

So never give up!


We all have moments of weaknesses in our lives that diminish all our hopes for the future. It may involve getting demotivated right before a job interview or an important exam. This can happen for several reasons. But the one thing we should always keep in mind is to NEVER GIVE UP.

Several Famous politicians and businessmen like Steve Jobs, Dhirubhai Ambani  etc have had moments in their lives where they hit an all time new low. They faced circumstances from where they thought they would never emerge victorious. But they did, they protected the spark of resilience within them and continued to fight stronger to reach back to the top. They did not allow their failures take control of their lives, so neither should you. They say, “Failures are the stepping stones to success” And it is true. We should learn from our past experiences. After all mistakes are life’s most important lessons.  They are a reminder of where we went wrong and stop us from repeating the same mistakes over and again.

Remember what all you have achieved and use that as a reminder of what all you are capable of achieving!

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