Net Neutrality: A growing concern

Net Neutrality A growing concern

Certainly, Network neutrality is the basic principle that the entire internet available should be treated equally. The best way to explain this concept is when a network is designed then a public information network will thereby terminate being most useful if every content, websites and the most requisite platforms are treated equally. Technically the network neutrality suggests that it is the adherence to the engrossing paradigm that an operation of a service at a certain layer is not influenced be any kind of data other than the data interpreted at the particular layer with the prominent protocol specification for that. The brilliant idea of an open internet with the availability of full resources of the internet and the finest means to operate with an easy access to all the companies should be accepted. Open internet includes some of the eminent policies such as the equal treatment of data and open web standards allow those to easily communicate and thereby conduct business without interference from any other party. Whereas a closed internet refers to the most complicated situation in which the established persons, corporations restrictively favor certain uses and restricts access to the necessary web standards by degrading some services that filter out contents.

Accordingly, the telecom operators are the prime access providers that can control either how much you access or the speed of browsing alongside the amount paid particularly for that access and the amiable services on the internet. The demands of the users are: all the websites should be equally accessible with the same speed that is at the ISP level for each, and data cost for accessing each site should be the same and avoid telecom licensing of the internet companies. Also no zero rating or making some websites free over others and eliminating the available gateways should be the target behind net neutrality. Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has specifically concerned the public opinion on this particular issue and everyone should try to be more active to record their response.



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Net Neutrality – Sum & Substance!
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