National Manufacturing Competitiveness Program [ NMCP ]

National Manufacturing Competitiveness Program [ NMCP ]

Manufacturing Sector  aims to bring momentum in ICT based Industrial Revolution

Manufacturing Sector accounts about 64% India’s Export with 1.32% Global trade. With Globalization and liberalization in early 1990s India progressively deepening in global economy. Enhancement and promoting ease of Manufacturing is being continual demand to compete at world stage export and import goods. Currently India’s large skilled manpower pool attaining new dimension globally to meet the manufacturing sector needs. To harness the opportunity special focus is needed.

National Manufacturing Competitiveness Program, NMCP is a approach to energies and sustain growth in productivity, conserving energy and upgrading technology will synergies the manufacturing process of SMEs to expand domestic and global market share. Under the program 10 components have been conceptualize to support SMEs and improve quality, standards and becoming global competitive.

In Order to achieve the objective of Increasing Manufacturing Sector share in GDP. There is implementation strategy through cluster association, NGOs and Technical Institutionn approaches. Funds inclusion in a program are being supported by ministry in awareness programs. Major initiative includes :-

  • Lean Manufacturing Competitiveness Scheme
  • Enabling QMS/QTT
  • Promotion of ICT in MSME
  • Marketing Assistance
  • Design Clinic Scheme
  • Setting Up Mini Tool Rooms
  • National Awareness on IPR
  • Support Entrepreneurial  and Managerial to SMEs


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