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As many of my friends wondered what is what when a person chooses to pursue his/her masters in a certain field of biology. So I came up with a rough idea as to what to expect in which field. This is a very generic idea about various basic subjects being implemented on a dominant basis. Making a table and elaborating more might help prospective students to get a superficial overview of their chosen field of endeavor.


Here we can easily observe that biology intensively requires knowledge of chemistry and physics in most of the subject interests. This is true by common sense, since we all as a consolidation of our organ systems and tissues are made up of cells which are themselves made up of various molecules (which justifies integration from chemistry) and what we really study is the motion in one form or the other based on various energies present in the environment (which justifies integration from physics). Not to mention, mathematics is the statistical backbone of all biological understatements and without it, we will really not understand what is going on and our observations will go haywire. Medicine plays a grand role in our well-being, and its integration with biology is the most essential step in our war with death invaders (microbes). While we say what has gone in past has gone, and we must not care about it, but if we do not understand where,when,how,what and why we exist today, we will simply be mindless souls. Our ancestry and evolutionary theories hidden in historical data help us how we can manage ourselves in today’s harsh environments. This also justifies how we must know the planet we live on – which is basic task to be accomplished while studying geography.

Integration of all branches of knowledge helps us understand the complex inter-connectivity of our world and how we can generate new and exciting ideas as a society.


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