Nantotechnology – “Science of tomorrow”


What is Nanotechnology? Its just a science of the miniature , or you can say the science that can create a mobile for an ant!:p. Nano-matreials are a thousand times smaller than the diameter of human air. ‘Nano’ in Greek means ‘Dwarf’ and when any material is reduced to nano dimension , there are drastic changes in its properties. It is the reason that this cutting edge tech can be used in aerospace, engineering, bioscience, medical science, electonics, and a variety of other areas.

If we talk abt the Health, then nanotechnology can create sensors in the form of biochips, to be inserted in the human body. It can also make tiny medical devices and sensors with fantastic precision to reach areas where the surgeons’ hand cannot , and repair damaged tissues.

Now if we come in the area of environment science, nanotechnology is providing ways to detect and filter bacteria and toxins out of water supplies and clear up heavy metal and organic chemical pollution. In miltary technology, it is developing new, light- weight equipments and weapons, bullet proof battle suits that can morph to provide camouflage.

Despite the fact that it still has relatively few commercial applications, nanotechnology has generated criticism from environment groups who fear as yet unknown risks to human health and the environment. This tech has to be researched more coz this is really gonna change our future as rightly said ‘Nanotechnology is the science of tomorrow’.

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