Innovation is not an IDEA problem

Innovation Road Sign with dramatic clouds and sky.

What is innovation? Most people feel innovation is creativity, innovation is originality, innovation is invention but what I feel that  innovation is expressing yourself in the best possible light, in the rat race of today people resonating with the crowd rather than being themselves, however when we do make an attempt to being innovative it’s not recognised

The boss keeps on telling his employees-‘My heroes, we need innovation, come up with ideas’ then our very inquisitive clique of employees, biting their nails in an attempt to figure out what could drive the numbers of their company

We keep on thinking, contemplating, of those innovative ideas which is feasible to incorporate, the more ideas that comes into the play, the more often they are rejected

What is your take, do you believe companies suffer from lack of ideas, well then we have conflicting views as companies fail to recognise break through ideas that that can deliver cost effective offerings

Xerox developed the first computer but didn’t pursue as it thought the country is not yet ready for this dramatic change, however apple took away the pie by developing Macintosh, canon invented the first digital camera but didn’t launch it officially, believing that it won’t make the cut, Sony hogged all their limelight, these instances exemplify that innovation isn’t an idea problem, it’s a recognition problem

Psychoanalysis have inferred that innovation is stifled under the blanket of uncertainty, when things are very uncertain and ambiguous, we develop a strong bias against creativity and embrace practicality

There are host of ideas piling up, but we keep waiting for the right opportunity, but that wait never ends, but what definitely ends is your dream, there is a well refined thought provoking quote By Dhirubhai Ambani -If you don’t build your dream someone else will hire you to build theirs

Innovation is everywhere, however the fact is it comes to the light only for those budding mavericks who are not afraid of taking risk, who are determined to cash in on the latent opportunities of the booming consumer market

If Xerox had pursued their creation they would be enjoying the perks, status , market value, consumer monopoly ,which currently apple is relishing , sometimes we feel if we could go back to our yester years and revise those decisions that could have escalated or mushroomed us to another level which we are yearning for , as of now

We need to weed out our resistance to change, a viable and encouraging environment is a must if you want to feed yourself with alluring opportunities, you need to redefine rules, a mindboggling and nerve wrecking idea is not just enough you need to be courageous enough to execute that idea, it is then you can scale unimaginable heights.

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