The Andaman and Nicobar Islands, stretching in an area of 700 kilometres below the Bay of Bengal is one of the most strategically important locations of India. One of the Union Territories of the nation, its potential had always been considered as unexploited to its full degree until Narendra Modi stuck his eyes on this part of the country and aimed for its upliftment and overall expansion.

The first area where the expansion was aimed at was the Tourism Industry. Andaman and Nicobar Island are gifted with majestic scenic beauty and various natural tourist attractions. These inherent features and its exotic location give it the potential to attract a large number of tourists towards the archipelago.

The next area envisaged in this step is the expansion of trades in the islands. Apart from tourism that will enhance its credibility in terms of encouraging trade, Mr. Modi aims at expanding the industrial development in the archipelago. Due to abundant resources available in these islands, it would lead to proper utilisation of the available resources and thus encourage and promote trade.

The final area targeted through this initiative by The Prime Minister is that of development of the military base. Narendra Modi aims at expanding the military base of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Lying on a busy shipping route between mainland India and south-east Asia, they are seen as ideal for extending India’s economic and military reach.

This archipelago is mainly characterized by the tribe- Jarawas, with around being 400 in number and also the inhabitants of the islands for 55000 years. The basic line of thought involved in this step is to mainstream them so that they enjoy the fruits of the development. But, this has always been observed that, with the clash between the modern world and the tribal world, the tribals have suffered due to encroachment in their sphere of life.

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