‘Competition’, the word we all are pretty much accustomed to these days. It is a kind of rivalry between two or more individuals or joint entities usual for the acquisition of something and it is characterized by a winner and a loser. It has become the soul of all our endeavours in our lives. Starting from the school where we competed against our mates for better scores; colleges where we competed for better scores and better placements; work life where we competed  against our peers for promotion; businesses where we competed against other businesses for more profitability. These are just a few examples, we experience a lot more everyday in our day to day activities.

Now a days, it has assumed such an immense role in everyone’s lives that people tend to forget who they are actually competing against. It has distanced relationships. There is competition in families, between friends, between peers. Competition in business spheres has adopted “no mercy” theory. It has been observed that competitions are given priority over people and relationships. In order to win the competition people tend to go to any extent.

Now, when the it is healthy, there are various benefits as well. It enhances the scope of improvement and betterment of any activity being undertaken.  Among business houses, it enables innovation in its products in order to get better than the competitors. Till there is a healthy competition among peers and mates, it always leads to improvement in the self.

The core value of competition is that it must be till a desired level. When there starts getting animosity and ill feeling in a competition, it does not remain healthy. An unhealthy competition has its share of harm on us. It leads to stress and constant doubting on each other. Thus, more of HEALTHY COMPETITION!

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