Mobile phones – As Bad , As Good

Mobile phones - As Bad , As Good

Since the introduction of mobile phones , there have been concerns regarding their effect on human health.

Mobile phones produce radiofrequency (RF) radiation that is a part of the electromagnetic radiation spectrum. Most mobile phones transmit and receive RF radiation at frequencies of  between 825 and 915 megahertz. Scientists have known for a long time about the ability of RF radiation to cause heating , which can lead to severe health effects on the body such as  fatigue , reduced mental concentration and cataracts if exposed to very high levels. These effects are known as thermal effects , some of which can be created by subjecting a person to a warm environment.

Although the solution to this problem is simple , Hand free kits allow people to make phone calls without having to hold the mobile phone next to their head. The user is then free to use both hands to perform other tasks. Due to the increased seperation between the antenna and the user’s head , RF exposure to head is reduced by about 100 times when compared to normal mobile phone use.

News and facts have proved , the sensations of heating , headaches and nausea are common effects of mobile phones, if used for long duration.

Although mobile phones have the most benifitial uses and is a great invention but the most imp thing is we should use them in a limit as the rescent reasearch has proved that if mobile phones are used for a short duration then RF radiations causes are comparetibly lower then that of long duration usebility.

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