Liberal and Conservative Perspectives

Media Regulation- Liberal and Conservative Perspectives and how they shape regulation

Liberal and Conservative Perspectives on Media Regulation

In the run-of-the-mill political domain, demands for media regulation come from both the leftists and the rightists. Nevertheless, the envisioned goal of the regulation varies based on political orientation. Liberals (the left-wing) habitually perceive the government’s part in media regulation as one of shielding the public against the control of the private sector.This assessment demonstrates itself in liberal backing for regulating media proprietorship of outlets, programming, and technology with the goal of defending the public interest against anti-competitive corporate practices.In-built in this attitude is the credence that the marketplace is not sufficiently self-regulating and that commercial interests can acquire undue power and influence. Liberals and the left also incline to support regulation and, publicly owned media because such outlets can occasionally provide a less commercialized substitute to mainstream media. A vital theme for the left wing is the requirement for diversity in all aspects of the media.

Conservatives and the right wing habitually present a counter to such arguments with steadfast support for property rights and the free market system. Largely, they comprehend the marketplace as a prodigious equalizer, a place where ideas and products stand or fall based on the extent of their acceptance. While they detest the idea of limiting or regulating private property rights, they are often fairly at ease with confining the content of media products, expressly in the designation of decency. The problem with a pure free-market system for the media is that it leads to things such as vivid violence and pornography.

Yet, almost all observers approve that some limitations on the content of media are essential, particularly to guard children and minors. In fact, it is conservatives who have often led the call to regulate material they consider unfit for minors. The outcome has been both intended and obligatory regulation of media content.

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