Massive Open Online Courses

Massive Open Online Courses

A MOOC or massive open online course is an online course aimed at unrestricted participation and open access via the web. MOOCs include traditional course material such as film lectures, readings, and problem sets as well as interactive user forums to support community interactions between students, professors and teachers . Introduced in 2008, MOOCs emerged as a popular mode of distant learning in 2012 .

The evolution of technology has always been linked to new learning experiences. Distance learning has progressed from a pure correspondence based study, to multimedia and then computer-aided ones . The first MOOCs were results of the Open Educational Resources (OER) programme . The term was coined by Dave Cormier in 2007 of the University Of Prince Edward Island in reply to a course called connectivity and connective knowledge or CCKO8 .

MOOC   philosophy largely is based on the singular approach towards higher education . Despite changing the quality and quantity of courses available on the internet, the free access to free courses has facilitated learners to obtain a level of education that was a dream earlier . This has changed the face of education. Hundreds and thousands of students around the world who lack access to elite universities have been embracing them as a path towards sophisticated skills and high paying jobs without paying tuition or collecting a college degree.

Although, a MOOCs aim was to allow students to create their own personal learning environments (PLEs) independently and at the same time supported an interconnected knowledge, but since it is voluntary and there is no penalty for dropping the program or lagging behind, there may be issues with course completion .

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