Marketing tactics to drive sales

Marketing tactics to drive sales

To drive sales, companies, more commonly online companies follow these tactics nowadays. These help them get more customers, and get more out of existing customers.

  1. Upsell the products

When a seller asks you if you want to upgrade the product you are looking for, they usually show you a more expensive version of the same. This not only gives the customer a better product that fulfills his/her needs, but also gives the seller greater profit margins.

  1. Use Instagram

Seller these days use a social networking app, Instagram, to showcase their products. By using the right filters, lighting, captions, hashtags, etc. they can reach a wide audience. The viewers might get lured by the same and indulge in buying them.

  1. Use Facebook Store

Facebook Store is an easy to setup and use function provided by Facebook, and a great channel for making sales. It is an app developed by Shopify, that lets the producers/seller to showcase their products online and sell them directly to the customers.

  1. Improving Email Campaigns

The seller should not only hoard up a list of people’s emails, but also keep mailing them in a regular basis. The thin line between regular mailing and spamming the customers should be identified, and they shouldn’t be sent unnecessary mails, as it irritates the customers.

  1. Generate better product reviews and FAQs

The websites should feature product reviews so that any person intending to buy it has an idea as to how the existing users rate the product. The reviews shall display not only the positives, but also the negatives of the products so that the customers are well aware of the item.

  1. Engaging with the customers

The sellers should hold surveys on a regular basis so that they are well aware of their preferences and what they expect from the seller. This helps the company to understand their customers better.

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