Marketing in Football - the seen and the unseen

Marketing in Football – the seen and the unseen

unseen marketing in football

With more than 3.5 billion fans worldwide, football is the most popular and loved sport in the planet. It is the sports that tasted the purity of late 19th century, struggled through the world war and stands still evoking the passion in individual fans over the communities and nations. The love for this sport has lingered through generations and generations. More than 250 million players all over the world regardless of age, gender and color proves why football tops the chart of most watched and most popular sports in terms of fan following. Football is being followed since ages but now with the change in technology and way people consume the sport entertainment the football clubs requires to change their traditional approach of fans engagement towards the particular club.

Now with the change of trends due to digitization of world the football has been impacted too. Solely the English premier club owns the more than 50 million fans let’s leave out the figure of entire football industry.

First of all football is the game of harmony, the game of love and respect which people love to experience. People develop love for particular club because of emotional attachment and likeness created due to the game play or history or maybe other reasons. So the marketing must be set in such a way that it promotes the game day experience only not the tickets, adverts, merchandises and related such. Once the love is developed the fan will automatically fall for the brand. But first the creation of attachment is required which can be accomplished by marketing the experience.

The power of internet has touched the football in many ways and it’s a plus in marketing view as it can play dramatic role in marketing the experience. One of thing that football fan enjoys today is social media space of their followed club. Club today have embraced a beautiful concept call social media command center which is very effective in increasing the involvement. This is simple yet very strong I terms of fans engagement. Teams of fans are selected for an important role in PR team where they get to update the happenings about the game. This is very effective because who knows other fans better than a fan himself. They know what fan thinks, how fans react to the events and happening of the club and more importantly what fan wants to see in the social media update. Even during the game, the live update posted about the game mixed with the emotions and pride to be fan, this carries a lot weightage and it is much more effective than, what a guy hired to do so can actually derive.

But social media is not only enough to improve the fan experience. The fame of social media in football world is not even a decade old but the clubs has been involved in improving fans experience almost century ago. They main point is making the fans happy, and what else will make them happier than direct connection and see through in the club. This is the reason why some of the football clubs has their own museum where the fans of today can enjoy the history of yesterday and get more exposer of the club. The activities like trips in the stadium during non-game days as well as game days, involving the fans in the practice arena where fans can watch their stars practice and get autographs and photo taken if lucky. These all sounds like a part of traditional marketing to raise the fans excitement and experience with the club but it’s not. In the initial days of football marketing when there was no other means of marketing it was introduced to draw more number of fans but now it is part of the clubs culture. This is the beauty of football and this beauty is even more embellished by the great deeds of marketing.

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