Managing personal life and business I

Managing personal life and business I

Don’t fight to have a perfect balance between your personal and professional life. To be able to manage your tight schedules you want others to help you which will be possible when you talk to them about  your plans. Share stories about your work with your wife and involve your children in some of the real world creative challenges. Through this you make them a part of every facet of your life. Act like you are the same person in your business meetings and at home with your family too. It’ll become easier to maintain an equilibrium if you don’t switch personalities.

Every failure teaches a new lesson, be it in a relationship. As entrepreneurs you will meet thousands of failures in the business world and you would naturally look for reasons and strategies to confront those obstacles. However relationships can also teach meaningful lessons that ultimately bring harmony and peace to your mind and help you evolve into a better person. So start giving equal importance to relationships as you give to business setbacks.  As in business, so in life.

Personal relationships help reduce stress levels and improve performance. Many entrepreneurs complain that there long working hours keeps them away from having a blissful personal life and by the time they realize this it becomes too late. They later invest time in rebuilding those connections, so why don’t we learn from their experiences and not hurt our loved ones ever.

Don’t take every task on your shoulder. Find time by delegating as much work as possible. You know everything and you can execute all the tasks really good, but it is very crucial to have somebody who can fill in for you whenever required. This also ensures that your business runs smoothly in your absence. Train somebody so well that maybe he can replace you and it becomes convenient for you to take a three day weekend whenever you want to.

You need to learn to put away important meetings for the next morning. It is important to keep strict deadlines daily after which you unplug yourself from any business formal communication and go back home to spend time with your loved ones. After all you are working for your family!

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Managing personal life and business II

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