M.O.D. – Mad over Digits


You hungry? Me too! Sorry people, but I am not talking about “Mad Over Donuts” here. M.O.D. in MY language is “Mad over Digits”.

What do you know about numbers? Numbers be like “1,2,3, ………”, oops, missed out something, sorry! Let me come again. Numbers be like “……….-3,-2,-1,0,1,2,3,……..”. That’s good!

You must be knowing a whole lot of things about “Numbers in Daily Life”. I am not here to talk about that “daily use in life”. That stuff is BORING! I am here to talk about what you don’t know about numbers.

I mean you know this, that I know that you don’t know what I know about numbers. If you know then you can keep it aside and let yourself know what I know because if you know this then you can know what I know and other people who are not reading this article don’t know.

You must be knowing that your body is made up of 80% water. But do you know that you can have a heart attack at the age of 25? Yeah, 25! After attaining the age of 25, you are at risk with a probability of 50%. After 38, the probability increases to 100%. And the probability does not count upon the following factors:

  1. Eating fast food
  2. High cholesterol level, etc.

Anyway, positive numbers are used every day and you know about them very well. What about negative numbers? Obviously you know about negative numbers, don’t you? I am talking about their use in daily life. Don’t make that confused face. You know them, you just don’t know it.

Let me start with the history.

Once upon a time, there were Greeks. They didn’t discover negative numbers. Thousands of miles from Greeks, there were Europeans. They began to translate texts recovered from Islamics and Byzantine resources with the help of negative numbers, but they too didn’t discover negative numbers. Now, again move thousands of miles to England. A mathematician John Wallis is given the credit of discovering these numbers.

Now coming to their uses. Countries with freezing climates have temperatures in negative form, i.e., -3 degree Celsius, etc. I told you, you knew it, you just didn’t know it that you know it. Now coming to what you don’t know.

  1. The annual percentage growth in a country’s GDP might be negative, which is one indicator of being in a recession.
  2. Interest rates can be negative, when the lender is charged to deposit their money.

That means if the interest rate is in negative, the bank would pay us? Whoa! That sounds impossible in this country!

  1. Even the musical instruments use negative numbers. The high pitch notes refer to positive transpose notes and the low pitch notes refer to negative numbers.
  2. Do you know when you toss a coin, the process of outcomes follow a specific probability distribution known as “Negative Binomial Distribution”.

That’s all folks.

Now you decide, you still hungry for “donuts” or for “digits”?

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