Let’s Talk of Tomatoes

Let's Talk of Tomatoes

Let’s talk about tomatoes!

They are juicy, yummy and their sweet-sour taste makes them more than delicious. No doubt that this little berry is not even tasty but also good for health.

It is versatile because it can be used in numberless dishes. Rich in Vitamin C and low in calories. A perfect example of a healthy food.
It contains adequate amounts of calcium and Vitamin K which help in strengthening the bones and perform minor repairs on the bone tissue.
They contain a great amount of Vitamin A and Vitamin C which work as antioxidants to neutralize harmful free radicals in the blood. Free radicals in the blood stream are dangerous because they can lead to cell damage.

The Vitamin A in tomatoes works perfectly to keep your hair shiny and strong. In addition to that it is also good for your eyes, skin and teeth.
Tomatoes contain a high level of lycopene which is a natural antioxidant and works effectively to slow the growth of cancerous cells and therefore resulting in reducing your chances of developing stomach cancer. Lycopene also makes skin less sensitive to UV light damage, a leading cause of fine lines and wrinkles. It can reduce sun damage by 35%.

You will be surprised to know that tomatoes can even reduce the amount of damages done to your body by smoking cigarettes. They contain coumaric and chlorogenic acid that work to protect the body from carcinogens that are produced from cigarette smoke.
Due to the presence of Vitamin B and potassium in tomatoes, they are effective in reducing cholesterol levels and lowering blood pressure. Therefore consuming tomatoes on a regular basis you can effectively prevent heart attacks, strokes as well as many other heart related problems that may threaten your life.

The Vitamin A found in tomatoes is considered to be good for improving your vision and prevent the development of night blindness.Β They are packed full of the valuable mineral known as chromium which works effectively to keep blood sugar levels under control.

And Remember, the redder the tomato, the more beta-carotene it contains. Beta-carotene is a compound which helps in maintaining healthy skin and plays a vital role in eye health.

And yes one more thing, cooking destroys the Vitamin C, so for better benefits, eat raw tomatoes and stay healthy.

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