Keeping a diary is the luxury of Rich

Keeping Diaries is the luxury of Rich

Keeping Diaries is the luxury of the rich

Diary- the abbreviation exemplifies Dear I will always remember you but is it really so?

The rich and the powerful lead a very uneventful life, yet they write diaries, however, it’s the farmers and the survivors whose journey of life is marked with adversities miserable and traumatised condition yet they don’t care to do so. Why is it so, they feel life is too short to waste it on trivial things

You might feel that I may be wrong in my approach but tell me one thing would Adolf Hitler ever mention in his auto biography that he loved to watch a Jew being skinned. – “Never”, each and every will make relentless efforts to describe only blooming phase of their life showing little concerns about the big blunders that they have committed in life

Many auto biographies of prominent personalities have proved to be controversial; they are just pathetic white lies

What do you think could be the premise behind these diaries, people write these to leave behind their footprints for others to tread, but tell me one thing , if people start resorting  to remembrance then what about the future, future is not dependent on what eventualised in the past it relies  effectively on how leverage on our current prospects so that the future becomes a catwalk for us

We read biographies of many prominent people be it the corporate legends great freedom fighters ,eminent writers artist musician actors with one single hope that we could emulate their teachings and strata pining our hopes to be one of them, one day

But what we fail to acknowledge that when we read such stuffs we lose the touch of creativity, our way of doing things, as we so engrossed in being someone else which we aren’t

Instead of expressing ourselves we start expressing  thoughts of these people through us, we become  like those vagabonds who meander aimlessly among the bushes looking for way , here these diaries seems to resemble those bushes, We fail to recognise that each and every one of us is unique endowed with fathomless talents , the only little effort to spent is trying and recognising the talent# be yourselves# because no one is better than you

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