Is my Blood type B ?

Is my Blood type B

Ok. This article is simply about blood grouping. And about how we ourselves can determine our own blood type.

So mumma said ” Son ! You have 4 blood types . A, B, AB, O. A does not like B, B does not like A , But when A & B work together, they have to like everybody. But they are not liked by individual groups, as they say A & B must not be together. O is very sweet ! It is liked by all. But it has a devil inside, who does not like anyone but himself. ”

Son – “What is the point ? Mumma ”

Mumma – “Point is AB is a universal Receiver. It has no barriers (antigens) so it allows all guests (antibody – iA , iB). O is a universal Donor. It has all barriers (antigens – anti-iA , anti-iB) that does not allow any guest (antibody). A has barrier against B (anti-iB) and B has barrier against A (anti-iA). So they accept only their counterpart or ‘sweet’ O.”

Son – “Then, mumma ! how does it determine my blood group”

Mumma – “As enemies die in a battle. The enemy blood group barriers will clash with guests to create a pile of corpses, just like blood clots. So if you are B blood group, what must happen ?”

Son – “Mumma ! I guest enemies will die, friends will survive. Since I have anti-iA barrier, iA will die. iA antibodies will create a clot. So if blood A or AB is mixed, it will create a clot. But friends like ‘sweet’ O and B will survive i.e. no blood clot”

Mumma – “You are correct son! Now lets do for others as well.”

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