Investigate Journalism: Heart of Media

Investigate Journalism Heart of Media

Need for Investigate Journalism
Investigate Journalism is majorly concerned with investigating on a particular news story and doing an in depth reporting about it.
The very purpose of media and journalism is to bring forth the news and facts that are unknown to the general public in order to make them aware of the political, social and economical issues of domestic and global realms. It often happens that the facts to be reported are not accessible and available openly and need to be dug out. Investigation becomes a very important aspect of reporting when news stories involving scandals, corruptions, crimes or other wrongdoings are to be told. In this ever evolving society where conceit, disloyalty, crimes, betrayals, corruptions are like branches of the tree called society, there is a dire need of people who have dogged determination to make the world a fair, equal and honest place. Whether exposing a serial killer or a corrupt leader for misuse of funds, Investigate journalism has the charm to uphold the democracy.
People with such fervency employ themselves as Investigate Journalists where they find the opportunity to research and investigate such cases and write news stories about them.

Nature of Work
A good Investigate Journalist is a person who envisages to bring reforms in society and uphold the societal morals and justices. One would need a tinge of skepticism, research skills, determination, communication skills and a good appetite to face challenges. The research skill has to be put in use very meticulously, reaching out to every concealed or coveted data, collecting & analyzing the records of researched data. They should know how to reach out to contacts that can facilitate their investigation. They should preferably have
some knowledge about legal conducts and codes because often the case being investigated might involve legal actions as its repercussions. One should also learn to take advantage of the so called ‘Bible of Internet’, i.e., the social media and put in use the coveted information perhaps gained. Undoubtedly, an Investigate Journalist shall have some descendant traits of Sherlock or Watson.
Notable Investigate Journalist:
Bob Woodward

Bob Woodward is the famous writer of the book ‘All the President’s Men’ which was made into and acknowledged as one of the best movies on Journalism. Bob is an American investigative journalist and non-fiction author who worked for The Washington Post since 1971 as a reporter, and is now an associate editor of the Post. He was acknowledged for having made the greatest reporting effort of all times for his original news reporting on the Watergate Scandal in 1972. His book ‘All the President’s Men’ is semi-autobiographically based on the way he along with his team mate uses journalism and media to overthrow the most powerful man of the world. Woodward thus, is a notable example of a passionate Investigate Journalist and an inspirational icon for every aspiring journalist.

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