Interview with Finance expert – Prof Manohar Dansingani

Interview with Finance expert – Prof Manohar Dansingani

Finance has been the dominant industry since currency has been in circulation. The domain of finance has emerged from currency circulation to all spheres of humans from banking, taxation and pension.

Finance expert Prof Manohar V Dansingani, in interview with Mr. Narendra Rana, VSkills, list expert tips and suggestions for students and professionals, to excel in finance domain .

Please tell our readers something about yourself
Professor Manohar  V  Dansingani is a corporate trainer for over a decade & a professional investor for over three decades. He is the author of  SIMPLY  FINANCE, & FROM  THE  HEART.

He has written a  WORKBOOK  FOR  STRATEGIC PERFORMANCE  MANAGEMENT & BUSINESS VALUATION, for Paper 20, of The Final Group IV, for The Institute of Cost Accountants of India, Pune Chapter. A National Merit Scholar, member of The Million Dollar Round Table (now retired), he was founder editor of his college magazine “Dawn & Dusk”,  and has acted in & directed several plays in English, Hindi & Sindhi.

He has facilitated an online course-pack, Foundations of Finance, on The Harvard Business School Publishing website. He has conducted Professional, CEP & Academic sessions & webinars for The Institute of Cost Accountants of India,  IBS  Business School,  Gokhale  Institute of  Politics & Economics, National Academy of Defence Financial Management, & National Institute of Securities Markets (among others), ICAI-CMA, Pune Chapter awarded him Best Faculty 2015 (Final level).

Some of his webinars, articles and presentations feature in (among others), IFAC Global Knowledge Gateway, ICMAI Knowledge Bank & The Management Accountant Journal, Portfolio  Organizer (IUP),  Treasury Manager (IUP),  WIRC Bulletin of  ICMAI, SCNext and ISCEA (Online)

He is a Member – Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment, Associate Member – Institute of Cost Accountants of India, Associate Member – Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, ISCEA Authorized Instructor, Certified Supply Chain Analyst, Certified Six Sigma Black Belt Professional,  & is a committed, life-long student.

What inspired you to choose a career in Finance ?
Have always found finance fascinating. It is the vehicle for converting dreams into reality.

What were your professional qualifications and how did it help to get a job in Finance ?
I am a self-employed professional. Qualifications given above.

What courses do you recommend to students and professionals who want to pursue Finance as a profession ?
There are several exciting professional opportunities in finance: e.g. CMA, CISI, ACFE, CA, CS, CFA, FRM. This is not an exhaustive list.

Is studying at a top institution essential to make a career in Finance ?
The specific courses mentioned above are offered by Institutes which are globally recognized. The Institute or College is important, but what you learn thru hard work & the knowledge you combine with your work experience is paramount.

What are the books / websites / online courses that you would recommend to freshers in your profession ?
Please read as much as you can & always continue learning. There is an abundance of good books & reading matter, thanks to the internet.  Coursera is a global pioneer in online education. (virtually unlimited courses) For the interested reader, they can also access my book on Amazon – Simply Finance, & From The Heart.

According to you, which area of specialization  in Finance has the most promising future ?
Please do not restrict yourself to what others do or say. Listen to your heart. This field is not just promising,  but continuously evolving.

In your experience, what are the common qualities and skills that you have identified in successful professionals in Finance ?

  • Good ethics are the bedrock of sustained success.
  • Please combine your knowledge with the ability to adapt to change.

What challenges have you faced in the course of your career and how did you overcome them ?
God has been extremely kind. Of course there were challenges, but some turned out to be opportunities: & without exception, every difficulty taught me something.

What is the most satisfying and enjoyable aspect of your job ?
I love what I do, so it doesn’t feel like I’m working or sacrificing something.

What is the dividing line between an average professional in Finance and an excellent one ?
I swear by two principles,

*  Vidya Dhanam  Sarvadha  Pradhanam  (The Wealth of Knowledge is The Greatest Wealth)
*  Good Is Not Enough,  Excellence  Is  The  Goal.

What is your advice to aspiring professionals who want to build career in Finance ?
First, be the best you can be. Second, keep improving. Third, be ready to admit your mistakes (& to improve). Finally, never lose touch with your conscience.

– Team Vskills

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