HR spoof poof!

HR spoof poof!

The Onion may be a spoof magazine, focused on bringing into news less prominent pieces of bulletin through humour and sarcasm but the truth is, HR Department has become a target of a lot of criticism. The reason behind this brazen denigration is that HRD has fallen victim of power play. This particular article might be fictitious comedy but it objectively points out the aristocracy in offices all over the globe. Mad kings are everywhere and even crazier are their rules.

What prompts me into writing about this is the sheer absurdity of some workplacesโ€™ rules and regulations. From the acceptable number of holes in ones ears to the appropriate size range of ones heels and tie, the boss has clearly laid out principles in these matters of absolute concern! Why? For no other reason than to instil fear in the heart of the workforce. Fear of getting a warning, memo, pay cut or chance of being in the bossโ€™ bad book. These irrational paranoias are said to impose discipline in the hearts and minds of the employees, external of course.

With these foolish rules, the boss relentlessly dumps all the responsibility of constructing a harmonious working environment on the HR department. The result being a sense of stupidity midst the fog of fear, emanating an aura of heavy grudges lingering in the workplace. And the liability is on HR, yes HR did it!

The blame game continues but it only makes working bitter! The HR department thus needs to rationalize with the superiors and only execute rules which actually make sense. Itโ€™s a difficult task but the results are drastic! From happier faces to loyalty, it is worth it all.

While yet another HR revolution is stemming out of this silly dictatorship, letโ€™s continue to scale the sizes of our skirts till then!

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