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How to get a Load Testing job as a Fresher?

Looking for a career as a Load Testing Professional? It is therefore important for you to have keen interest and passion about software testing.
It’s imperative to possess a great knowledge of different types of software testing. There are different Software testing clinics to help you provide with a safe environment to learn and enhance your skills. So, if you’re a fresher and looking for a job as a Load Tester, then you need to keep in mind a few things. 

We shall now be discussing in length the various career opportunities as a load tester. Also the skills required, companies that hire and how to qualify interviews to become a Load Tester.

Why Load Testing job is a good career choice?

As a fresher it is very important for you to analyze good reasons for to choose load testing as a career. In the sphere of professional software testing, load testing comes to represent an area that is a type of non-functional testing.

  • Firstly, load testing is an important part of the Software Development Life cycle as it simulates real user scenario.
  • Secondly, as a load tester holds great importance in the overall process of creating software and deliver substantial value.
  • Most importantly, load testing puts exhausting amounts of demand on a system to measure how it responds under both normal and peak loads.
  • Finally as a testing professional it is required to include load testing professional to be a part of your strategy as it helps to make the software application more efficient and effective.

Skills required for Load Testing Job

Lets take a look at the required skill set to become a successful load testing professional.

Enrich your profile

There are employers who look for potential junior load testers who have some previous experience in the load testing. Hence, it is crucial to practice load testing even if you do not earn much initially. In addition, there are numerous platform offering internships whether paid or unpaid, crowd testing, certain training events. This will help to add up to your experience as a fresher. Also, you can polish your skills with some training or certification courses.

Lets get Certified!

It is very important to assess your skills. You can take certification course and enter the world of testing with all the required knowledge. Therefore to update your skills you must go for such certifications. These are offered by Udemy, Vskills, ISTQB etc.

Take Practice Tests

There are numerous free practice tests available on the internet for different domains. This will help you get a good grip over the topics and have a better understanding.

Grab your Tools

It is suggested to get a strong grip over some of the most used load testing tools. We will discuss each one of them briefly –

1.Apache JMeter: It is a load testing tool which you can use for analyzing and measuring the performance of a variety of services. Also it has a complete focus on web applications. Moreover, you can use Apache Jmeter as unit test tool for –

  • JDBC database connections
  • JMS, generic TCP connections
  • Web services
  • OS native processes

2. JMeter Plugins: It is an independent project, such that each plugin serves different purpose. Also you can expedites the process of executing and creating JMeter Test Plan. You can also install plugins via the Plugin Manager.

3. ApacheBench tool: This comes together with the standard Apache source distribution. Such that you can use it like a Apache web server which is free. Therefore you can use it as an open source software and distributed under the terms of the Apache License.

4. LoadRunner: It is a software testing tool from Micro Focus. It is used for testing applications, performance under load and measuring system behaviour. Using application software it can simulate thousands of users synchronously, recording and later analyzing the performance of leading components of the application.

Books on your Way

Companies that Hire

  • Explore industries and organizations: You must get all relevant details related to the the profile. Therefore, you must gain domain knowledge and make yourself worthy of the position.
  • Start you real search for the job: Now, after working towards all the segments it’s time to look for the perfect job. At the time of job search people usually look for generic 2-3 websites. For testing job you need to start with more specific sites that only work towards software testing jobs.
  • Job Boards: Now the recruiters prefer to advertise the software testing roles on domain specific job websites. It’s always best to sign-up to those of specific job websites and store your updated resume and enable the job alerts. You may search online for role specific job portals.
  • Look for Recruiters: In the sector of technology there are many recruiters, some are genuine and some are very uncompromising. Try approaching them through social media and if you have got some in your contact then try talking to them. If nothing at least they will give you the status of job market like- tips and tricks to crack the interview, salary and how exactly your CV should look and the relevant content.

Tips on getting job easily

Indeed you are looking for good job opportunities but you need to understand the correct path to make it through. We will now elaborate most used techniques by professional and thereby become a Load Testing Professional.

Connect with the software Community

To find a load tester role in a good company it really takes a lot of efforts and the zeal to achieve it. Make new connections in the industry and connect with all the level of software testers. There are software testing meetups held but as a fresher it would be tough for you to gel in the hardcore professional environment. Then worry not, professional experienced software testers love to share their experience stories and also willing enough to offer you help and learn more about your role.

Online discussion forums

Internet is always there at rescue if there are no meet-ups being conducted near you then there are online communities with safe & welcoming environment that you may join and meet new people of your field and learn more about testing.

Social media

Social media always lead the trend, you can connect with professionals through sites, like- Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, etc. learn about their thoughts and techniques about testing. Social media is a place for discovering new things and for lively debates, because with social media you can interact with new people and their different opinions and approaches towards testing. This can benefit you in practicing new approaches, research topics and also the format to present your ideas.

Explore the Industry

If you’re going for an interview then mind it a little or no knowledge will lead you no-where. So keep updating your knowledge with latest tools and techniques, to increase your chances being selected. In the field of testing even the experts constantly update their knowledge and learn from one another to help and grow together. This will help you improve your ideas, and form your own opinions about software testing. At the time of hiring, the managers look for passionate candidates with self-learning and dedication. Here are a few ways to grip your self-learning practice

Manage Your Expectations

Before starting your career as a software tester, you need settle for a role you’d like to play. Software testing is a wide sphere which involves different types of testing like – Manual testing, DevOps testing, Load testing, and Bugzilla testing, etc. As a fresher you’d learn from your senior testers on what to and how to of testing. This will involve a lot of test executions i.e. both product and requirements and all the strategies involved. Ideally you should go for a junior role because it will give you the required training and exposure to the tricks and techniques along with support from the senior tester. So, first research about the job responsibilities involved in any of the available job roles in different companies.

Stay Firm

If you have finally decided to be a load tester then you need to stay firm, because there could be instance where you’ll feel like switching to other roles like- developer, project manager, and business analysts, etc. if feels good to look for growth in career but switching the job roles in short-term is an unhealthy decision. First gain enough knowledge in one particular role and alongside explore other segments of testing to feed your passion and show your future employer that how leaned you are and what software testing means to you.

What is the salary of a Load Testing Professional?

Always keep you expectations balanced with what you actually have. If you possess technically brilliant skills then you may expect more. But you need to prove those skills during your interview.

Morever the salary offered to an IT fresher depends on various things.

  • Technical skills
  • Location where the job is offered
  • Offered inside or outside college campus
  • Communication skills (most imperative)

If you are technically average and good in communication skills then you can fool out the interviewer. Mostly this is experienced in mass recruitment there people get selected without having asked a single technical question.

Job Interview Tips

  • Firstly, you must research all about the job position you have applied for.
  • Secondly, know the company well, research every possible thing you can about the company.
  • Next, you must try different websites offering online interview preparation sessions. Try reaching the HR for better clarification on the questions boggling your mind.
  • Don’t take simple questions lightly at times we feel we could easily answer few regular questions. But the truth is the simpler they sound the more complicated they are. If you could answer all the questions wisely then nothing can block your passage.
  • Brief your skill summary and make sure it matched the content present on your Resume. State how your skill set matches the job requirements.
  • Try demonstrating your skills set especially which showcase your problem solving, team management, conflict management, and emotional intelligence, etc. Try taking a mock interview with someone you know willing enough to conduct an expert interview session for you.

Experts Advice

Finding your first job in software testing isn’t a piece of cake. For this you must get involved with the community, and learning ideas and skills will increase your chances. You must ask a lot of questions from those currently in the industry. Also scan the job boards, and practise the craft of software testing. In the end, managers and leads are looking for people who care about what they are doing and have a desire to keep learning. If you can demonstrate those skills by applying them to finding a role, then you will succeed in your mission.

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