Hacking vs Ethical Hacking!

Hacking vs Ethical Hacking

Hacking is hacking, what-so-ever means it may be!

Well this is the thinking of most of the people around the world, but to put some light onto this topic, there are 2 kinds of hackers around the world; 1st are those who have a malicious intent while they hack into someone’s system or access their personnel info, 2nd are those who have a benevolent intent of hacking into someone’s system just to find all the vulnerabilities and to make the owner of the system aware of the various flaws the system has.


So there are hackers that do hacking for good?

Well, the above statement is logically correct, the good-doing hackers are often termed as “White Hat Hackers” while its counterpart are the “Black Hat Hackers”.

The white hat hackers are also termed as “Ethical Hackers” , they do hacking for good, they also report as soon as they find any vulnerabilities. To say it the other way round they perform hacking activities under ethics and permission of the victim.

The idea behind getting a system ethically hacked is to find all the vulnerabilities from in the system from a Hacker’s perspective.

Ethical hacking today is one of the most creative and exciting job today, many information security professionals have taken up courses for ethical hacking to keep their systems safe for being hacked by black hat hackers. Not only do ethical hackers have respect but they are also some of the most job loving personalities.

Take care and have a cyber-safe day!

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