Google Search Moves

Google Search Moves

Search Engine Optimization, SEO is Technique to bring changes in sorting Data

In Last few days, rumors over Google’s move on to bring changes in search Algorithms went viral. As Google’s Panda, Hummingbird and Penguin are search algorithms came to affect around 90% of online searches. Though Optimizing the data seems very simple but its implementation is very difficult.

The algorithms are going to strip out “bad searches” i.e a sites stuffed with keywords, duplicated contents and manipulated hyperlinks. Thus onus for higher search rankings has consequently been placed upon the quality, originality and the relevance of online content. These strategies are adopted in marketing and business growth.  Although Google’s new algorithms considered to be a users’ engagement with the content such as higher ranks to reputed journalist.

Such search engine results page (SERP) format changes would impact in flavoring mobile sites. As with growing demands and usage of mobile based technology among vast users will be very influential step to give human friendly approach therefore ‘Mobile Friendliness’ concept added.

Every move have its implications on both sides developments. Though it prefers to branded product e-commerce trading and advantage to retailers, entrepreneurs. Officially the subject of changes are not detailed projected by google but its impacts are very critically examined by various agencies. Move may resembles as a biased but soon it will try to bring user friendly results.

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