Future Scope and Career Opportunities for beginners in Project Management in 2022

Future Scope and Career Opportunities for beginners in Project Management in 2022

Foreseeing the risks and challenges that may derail the completion of a project, the demand for project management is on a rise, which makes it quite obvious to expect that project management jobs would become even more popular in the coming future. Various business sectors are in need of project managers for planning, controlling, and monitoring people, processes, and other components required to make your project a success. Thus, in this blog, we’ll discuss the Future Scope and Career Opportunities for beginners in Project Management in 2022 and show you how it is a career worth exploring in the coming future.

Project management is basically the application of processes, techniques, knowledge, skills, and experience to achieve a specific project’s target according to the project acceptance criteria within the agreed parameters. It has final deliverables which are constrained to a finite budget and timescale. Subsequently, it helps in efficiently initiating, defining, planning, executing, implementing, controlling, and closing a project, each of which contains particular tasks that help one reach the project goals and objectives.

Project management is a skill-set required by every organization for the application of processes, coordination of teams, and management of scope, costs, time, and quality of a project. It plays a vital role in various industries such as helping reduce the cost of operations and managing the big distribution network of the FMCG sector; helping in cost reduction and looking into quality issues in the defense sector; reducing the risks involved at the time of raising a big construction project; putting up the system as well as the process together in pharmacies, and helping run a project smoothly and successfully in IT and other sectors. Thus, candidates with an interest in project management can explore a variety of industries in the coming future, which makes it a career worth possessing in 2022. So, let’s know all about the Future Scope and Career Opportunities for beginners in Project Management in 2022-

Skills Required

In order to become a proficient project manager, it is advised for you to possess the following skills-

  • Business knowledge
  • Risk analysis skills
  • Abilityto control budgets
  • Negotiation skills
  • Leadership qualities
  • Communication skills
  • Management skills

Learning Outcomes

Learning project management helps you-

  • apply the processes of project management to initiate, plan, execute, monitor, control, and close projects.
  • coordinate the different elements of the project.
  • manage project risk, by identifying, analyzing and accordingly responding to risk.
  • analyze and manage stakeholder expectations so as to ensure a successful project outcome.
  • effectively manage projects including the management of scope, costs, time, and quality, and making sure that the required needs are satisfied.
  • apply processes for managing the project’s procurement, including acquiring goods and services from outside the firm.
  • apply project management practices in a different organizational as well as international settings.

Roles and Responsibilities

Project management

As project managers, you’ll have the following duties-

  • Planning and developing the project idea.
  • Creating and leading your a team.
  • Managing money.
  • Ensuring stakeholder satisfaction.
  • Evaluating project performance.
  • Monitoring project progress and setting deadlines.
  • Solving issues that arise.

Career Prospects

With expertise in project management, candidates from different backgrounds with technical knowledge, financial planning ability, communication skills, leadership qualities, and interest in project management can opt for the following highly-paid job profiles-

Project Managers

Project managers are the professionals who organize, plan and execute projects while keeping in mind the budgets and schedules. They are in charge of leading teams, defining the objectives of the team, communicating with the stakeholders, and overseeing a project through to its closure.

Average salary-Rs.4,71,000

Marketing Project Managers

Marketing project managers are responsible for the purpose of overseeing marketing and advertising-related projects. Their basic job duties include planning a campaign, collaborating with the director on the direction of the campaign, and overseeing the team of advertising and marketing professionals.

Average salary-Rs.14,22,633

Project Management Office Managers

PMO(project management managers) ensure that all the project managers working with clients on the company’s behalf meet certain benchmarks. The common job duties of PMO managers include meeting with project managers and discussing best practices, reporting project management metrics to the company leadership, and simultaneously implementing changes to policy as and when required.

Average salary-Rs.6,20,000

Team Leaders

Team managers/leaders are responsible to build, maintaining, and managing projects. They are the ones who decide which projects to work on, when to start it and when to finish the project, whom to hire, how to manage the budget of the project, and when to release the final product.

Average salary-Rs.9,00,000

Project Quality and Performance Managers

Project quality and performance managers use data for decision-making, by setting certain goals and objectives, measuring and reporting the progress toward those goals, and accordingly engaging in quality enhancement activities when the required progress toward those is not being made towards those objectives.

Average salary-Rs.11,80,000

Retail Managers

Retail merchandise managers act as a link between buyers and the sales floor with the purpose of ensuring that the right stock is at the right place at the right time in order to maximize the performance of sales and margin. Moreover, they decide on which products to store in departments or which should supermarkets stock.

Average salary-Rs.23,00,000

Operations Managers

Operations managers generally oversee the business activities related to organizations, non-profit groups, government agencies, and other different organizations. These managers hire, supervise, and train employees, manage the quality assurance programs, and strategize process enhancements, at both large and small organizations.

Average salary-Rs.9,00,000

IT Consultants

IT consultants work with the computer systems of an organization. They make use of skills in technology and implement them to troubleshoot and design new systems of information technology. These professionals are in good huge demand today, all that is required is certain training and education to find a position.

Average salary-Rs. 6,91,686

Web Developers

Web developers are the programmers who specialize in or are particularly engaged in, the development of web applications for the World Wide Web using a client-server model. Moreover, they look at the technical aspects of a site, including its performance and capacity, which are measures of a site’s speed and the amount of traffic it can handle.

Average salary-Rs.3,76,000

Construction Managers

Construction management professionals use specialized techniques of project management in order to oversee the planning, designing, as well as construction of a project, from its beginning to the end. It is a rising career with high salaries and is well-suited for candidates from engineering and management backgrounds.

Average salary-Rs.10,19,998

Average salary

Getting certified in project management will empower managers, senior managers, executives as well as students to attest to their project management skills in managing a project’s budget, scope, and schedule. Thus, it is a skill-set worthy of gaining for anyone working in a managerial or senior executive position.

If you are looking for better job opportunities in 2022 and the coming future then you can definitely consider the above profiles in project management, no need to worry about how to proceed further, as Vskills provides you with certifications to help you validate your skills and knowledge of project management.

Have a look at the following tutorial which would help you understand all that you need to know about this certification program and ideal ways to prepare for it. Moreover, you can try out the practice tests simultaneously so as to test your level of preparation and analyze your performance.

Project management professional online tutorial

So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself certified in Project Management with Vskills to start your career in this field!!

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