Four things that will increase success in a Job interview

How To Prepare for a Job interview

Jobs, it’s not only a profession but it’s a task which will dictate a major part of your life for a long time and a way that can lead you to success. Specially for those who are on the path to pursuing their dream jobs they need to keep in mind certain things that will most surely guarantee them their jobs. Apart from the prior hard work needed to reach where you are, you need to prepare for your interview in the best way possible. Here are some tips to keep in mind-

  1. Dress Well- “First impression is the last impression” From your gait to your shirt. Your interviewer WILL scrutinize you. Make sure you are dressed well for him to not analyze you negatively. Smell good and professionally dress up in your Sunday best. This will not only make you feel more confident but will make your interviewer think of you as a person who is highly organized.
  2. Research before hand: Prepare yourself for any question that they may ask you. Look up for the companies past trends and future plans. This will help you learn a lot about the company. Try asking your interviewer questions about the company yourself. It will make you seem more interested and aware. This is bound to impress your interviewer.
  3. Correct your posture : Never slouch and sit.This will give them the impression that you are tired and bored. Always keep your body upright and straight. On entering , give your panel a good strong hand shake. This parts a sense of professionalism.
  4. Be Witty: Nothing like getting a good laugh or two out of people. It eases the environment and shows the interviewer than you are quick witted, and not only book smart. When impromptu situations arise, chances are you will be one of the people selected to deal with it, thanks to your good wits! But remember, don’t come off as someone who is over smart or condescending

And lastly, smile throughout. Make them like you for the person you are. During the conversation, subtly slip in your achievements, aims and aspirations in life. They are bound to love you. Best of luck!

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