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World renowned french psychologist- Jean piaget- also known as the father of developmental psychology claims that our brains retaining capacity and flexibility is the most during our childhood years. This is because we spend our formative years observing our surroundings. We learn and pick things up from the environment we are placed in.

Applying the same logic to our present day lives, we can increase our concentration and focus level exponentially by keeping a few simple things in mind.

Being attentive to our surroundings is of utmost importance. Notice that one unique thing that all successful people share- it is their presence of mind. This is what allows them to excel in their various fields. Be it predicting the crash of the stock market or upcoming trends in the market- noticing all of this is a result of high focus.

So what can be done to harvest this essential life skill?

1.Stay Fresh: The early hours of the morning or the late hours of the night. ‘To each his own’ . Yes, we all have that one hour during the day where are efficiency and productivity levels are at their peak. Choose that hour and use it wisely. Complete your most difficult taks then.

2. The spider technique: Narrow down the thing that distracts you the most. And spend at least 10 mins a day trying to complete your task in that environment. For eg: you aren’t able to study at home due to your family making noises. Try doing 10 mins of revision around them.  This way the next time they spontaneously start making noise, you won’t get as distracted.

3. Increase flow of blood: it is essential that your brain gets maximum supply of oxygen in order to reach the epitome of your concentration. This can easily be attained by going for a 10 minute jog or indulging in other forms of exercises.

4. Diet : Fatty foods with lots of carbohydrates tend to make a person sleepy. So avoid eating foods rich in carbohydrate.

5.Meditate: Concentrate on your breathing. Or for that matter of of fact concentrate on any one thing in your room. This focus will allow a flood of pisitiving thereby refreshing your mind and increasing your concentration level.

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