Five year plans and its objectives

Five year plans and its objectives

In economic planning; there were many plans made with the objectives. Here are the list of plans and periods :-

1st plan : April 1; 1951 – March 31; 1956 :- The forces of the plan is to increase in agriculture production and equitable distribution of production; income and wealth.

2nd plan : April 1; 1956- March 31; 1961 :- This plan works with the objective of increasing industrial production and development of heavy industry.

3rd plan : April 1; 1961- March 31;1966 :- Its objective is to provide self sufficiency in food grain production; generation of employment opportunities and reduction in inequality.

Before 4th plan :- Three annual plans were take place :- April 1; 1966- March 31; 1969

4th plan : April 1; 1969- March 31; 1974 :- The plan is made to accelerate the process of growth and to stable price in economy.

5th plan : April 1; 1964- March 31; 1979 :- The objective is to raise the living standard with a focus on section of the society.

Before 6th plan :- Annual plan April 1; 1976- March 31; 1980

6th plan : April 1; 1980- March 31;1980 :- Works with the motive of removal of poverty reduction of inequality and development of infrastructure.

7th plan: April 1;1985- March 31; 1990 :- Its objective is increase in agriculture productivity and generation of employment opportunities.

Before 8th plan : Two annual plans :- annual plans April 1; 1990- March 31; 1992

8th plan : April 1; 1992- March 31; 1997 :- This plan is made for the fuller utilisation if manpower by the turn of the century; universalization of elementary education and strengthening of infrastructure.

9th plan : April 1;1997- March 31; 2002 :- This plan is for agriculture and rural development; growth with price stability and checking the growth of population.

10th plan : April 1; 2002- March 31; 2007 :- The objective of this plan is to improve the quality of life through better health and educational facilities and improved level of consumption .

11th plan : April 1; 2007 onward ; the focus of this plan is to reduce inequality.
These five year plans helped the economy to develop thus they also known as development programmes.


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