Fit the content into layout


It is very important to organize your siteโ€™s content.
This makes the difference between a good and a bad site.

A well-organized site wont let the user keep scratching his head over where the content is which he is looking for.
It is important to organize the contents of your site into its top level navigation ,to allot the contents into its appropriate categories.

It is important to organize and think through what the top level navigation should be so as to not let the user get confused and lost in the site.
Since confusing categories can lead to poor user experience.

It is necessary to have clear definitions of what the top level navigation elements would be, this is essential to reduce ambiguity in searching the items across the site.
Having clear top navigation is the key to making information easier to access on your site.

Tip: When it comes to decide how long the category name should be, try to keep it as brief and upto the context as possible.

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