If we describe etiquettes then it is the rules indicating the proper and polite way to behave. People don’t inherit this knowledge. As we grow old, we learn etiquettes. Acting in front of the crowd, our body language, our way of talking, our behavior, everything matter. Lets take a standard example : as we prefer texting instead of calling. Have you ever replied or got a reply like hmm, k, ty, ttyl, wassup and much more. Its good to use abbreviation but in a limited way. We become habitual of writing such words. Even we don’t notice whom we are texting. Such abbreviation we can use only in an informal manner. Use proper words when responding to those in a position of authority or greater age. There are no excuses for poor behaviour. People notice how you are behaving. It is rightly said ” A few nice words can help a person more than you might think.”

Now a days, people go to attend classes to learn table etiquettes. Napkin and fork on left, knife on right. These are good things to learn. People feel embarrassed in public when they don’t know table etiquettes. There is a term we call “social etiquettes .” 

Teach your children how to interact with the people of different ages. Listen to other person what he or she wants to speak. Appreciate the good deeds of others. Acknowledge their behaviour. We usually ignore people and give more time to our cell phones. This is very bad habit. Turn your cell phone off when you are with a group of people. Be kind to others.  Etiquettes are not only for high society or something to fake off. Behave well to lower groups to. For ex : if you go to some restaurant then talk nicely to the waiters. Use thank you word very often. As politeness cost nothing and gain everything.

While meeting to someone, have a firm handshake and a eye contact to show confidence. Don’t speak too much. Only speak when you have something to worth sharing. Don’t ignore other persons in a group. Never assume that everyone understand that what you are talking about.

Think for a moment that how you want to be treated in public then give your best to be as nice as possible.

You don’t have to pay something for a good behaviour. It will help you to increase your moral values.

“Good manners will open doors that the best education can’t.”

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