Etiquette; a code that counts!


Every code of etiquette has contained theee elements: basic moral duties, practical rules which promote efficiency , and artificial, optional graces such as formal compliments to say , superiors on their generosity and importance.

so lets consider 1st element i.e moral duties; just have respect for the weak and respect for age. The best example to explain this component is of metros we have often seen and even we all have experienced that sometimes we offer our seat to older ones; this is what etiquette teaches. Do you know; In England until about a century ago young children did not sit in their parents’ presence without taking permission.

Now come to our second component Practical rules; these are helpful in such ordinary occurances of social life as making proper introductions at parties or other functions so that people can be bought to know each other.

Extremely refined behaviour , however cultivated as an art of gracious living has been a characterstic only of societies with wealth and leisure, which admitted women as the social equals of men. In fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, a wealthy and leisured society developed an extremely complex code of manners, actually the truth is morals …were started from the higher societies., but the rules of behaviour of fashionable society had little influence on the daily life of the lower classes. Indeed many of the rules, such as how to enter a banquet room, or how to use a sword or handkerchief for ceremonial purposes, were irrelevent to the way of life of average man. As every average man can’t learn the use of sword:p as normally they all spent most of life outdoors or in his own poor hut.

Yet etiquette although is an english custom but is a very important internal part of everyone’s life. You can easily think of many examples of customs and habits in your own daily life which come under this heading

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