Error Control Coding



First the main question which comes to our mind is that what is an error in digital communication? The answer to this is : The noise can introduce an error an error in binary train of data bits traveling from one source to another. Error here refers to that 0 becomes 1 or 1 becomes 0. These errors thus can become a serious problem to the accuracy.

Thus to improve the reliability of data transmission, the designer has to increase the signal power or reduce the noise spectral density.

Error Control Coding:

Now we can define that, error control coding is a practical way to achieve a very low bit error rate after transmission over a noisy bandlimited channel.

In error control coding we basically deal with two types of codes:

a) Error detecting codes:- They are capable of only detecting errors . Example- parity checking, cyclic redundancy check.

b) Error correcting codes:- They are capable of detecting as well as correcting the errors. Example- block codes, convolutional codes.

Also we have Error correction techniques.

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