Entrepreneurship for engineers-I

Entrepreneurship for engineers-I

Today India needs large no. of entrepreneurs because of dearth of jobs. It is a common misconception that someone who has completed his MBA degree can only become an entrepreneur. I would say that even Engineers should try and setup their own enterprise and hence become successful entrepreneurs.

This article and its subsequent parts are mainly targeted for motivating the budding engineers to think creatively and start their own businesses because it is easy for engineers. Reason being engineers are eager for getting knowledge. Now whenever a person wants to learn new things then growth occurs and growth is an important factor for developing solid businesses. Before knowing about the process of starting a new business it is important to know that what is entrepreneurship?

What is Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is derived from French word “Entrependre” and German word “uternehmen” both referring to men taking endeavors. In simple words anyone who exhibits self development, creativity and risk taking characteristics can be called as an entrepreneur.

Economist defines an Entrepreneur as the one who brings together resources, labor, material and other assets and increasing their value and also he introduces changes, innovation and a new order. But the Psychologists define an entrepreneur as the one who is typically driven by a psychological force, which creates a desire to attain something.

According to someone: Entrepreneurship is spending some years of your life in a way that most people won’t to spend rest of your life like others can’t. According to Nolan Bushnell (entrepreneur) -“The true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer.”

According to Praveenben-” Entrepreneurship is like giving birth to a child. The women’s love of child overcomes the risk of life. The entrepreneur’s passion overcomes the risk of loss.”

In the subsequent articles I will write that why engineers should try and become entrepreneurs and thee process of becoming an entrepreneur.

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